Service List

Swedish                                   A traditional oil based soothing massage to promote muscle                                                              relaxation and circulation


Deep Tissue                            This massage is focused, ideal for athlete and others with an                                                            active lifestyle and wants special attention to specific areas.                                                           Oil based massage using slow hard strokes that promote the                                                             release of chronically held tension, muscles and fascia as well             as enhance your overall body alignment


Lymphatic                               Boost your immune system and energy while releasing pain                                                               and tension with this specialized detoxification therapy that                                                     focuses on the clearing and restoration of your lymphatic drainage system


Vibration                                A specialized clothes on full body massage that removes                                                                 blockages, gets your blood moving, helps heal old injuries by                                                           working deeply into the joints, muscles and ligaments as well as                         open energy flow for flexibility and rejuvenation


Prenatal                                   Ease back discomfort, relieve swelling and prevent calf cramps                                                        (charlie horses) with a pampering, pregnancy safe massage for                                                             the mom-to-be


Structural Foot Balancing            This is an extraordinary massage therapy. Christina's                                                                         protocols promote structural balance of your feet ankles                                                                     and hips. It releases chronically held tension and                                                                                   promotes correcting misalignment that is currently                                                                                causing pain discomfort


A doula's role is to provide emotional, information and physical support to mothers and their partners during labor and birth.  We offer help and advice on comfort measures, relaxation, positioning, movement and breathing during the birth process.  Doula's may utilize massage, aromatherapy, breathing, tips in positioning. We help gather information about the course of their labor and their options.  Most important is we provide emotional support and reassurance.