About Christina

Christina was introduced to massage as a child to help a family member after surgery and loved it.  Once she became a military spouse she never thought she could make it a career, when two years ago she was challenged by a couple of girlfriends to make a career change and do something she loved, and massage was her choice. She loves to help clients find relief from stress and find a healing balance. She believes in customizing each massage based on your needs, working as a team.  As Christinas love grows for massage she will be looking into taking additional classes to expand and bring to the needs of her clients. 


Christina attended World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts based in San Francisco. She received training in multiple different styles of massages and incorporates theses massages based on the needs of each client. 

After many requests from friends, family and clients, Christina has now added Doula services. 

"I believe that every family should have the birth that they wish to have and having a doula by your side to advocate and be there for you can make such a positive difference.  I want this for each and every soon to be mom!"

Christina has been around the OBGYN field for many years. With an OBGYN for a brother Christina has had the benefit of viewing many different birthing situations. She has helped advocate through difficult birthing situations, including the need for an emergency C-section. She was also blessed to help deliver her granddaughter in a birthing center setting!